Kitchen Notes: Homonyms, Flowers and Flours

Flowers and flours. Both are substances from the earth. Both are varying in fragrance. Both can be edible. Both harness power. Both are malleable.

Flowers and flours. Both I love. Both brighten my kitchen. Both bring the best out of me. Both ask to be utilized to further experience their beauty.

Flowers and flours. Both have anchored to the earth longer than you and me. Both have been graced by the hands of our ancestors. Both have been used to celebrate love by joining in wedding cakes.

Now that spring is here, I want to drown myself in flowers. I can't help but fall in love with each one that I see.

When you gaze into the center of a flower, you feel the power of nature. How come that feeling doesn't occur with a bag of flour?

When I began baking, I thought that only two types of flour existed.

Later I discovered the beauty of buckwheat and einkorn. I learned how maize can be used in more than just tortillas. I used recipes with teff flour and spelt. I changed the way I thought about baking. I stopped thinking of flour as just all-purpose and whole wheat. I stopped absorbing recipes that wash away the importance of ancient grains.

Much like we wouldn't want to diminish our exposure of flowers to just roses and daisies, why would we want to limit our experience of grains?

Grains embellish the earth with beauty akin to flowers. 

In the kitchen, I've lately been thinking about these two ingredients and how I can marry them. I went to the store on the first day of spring, hoping to find seeds for edible flowers. I scanned the options and found nothing. I thought I was out of luck until my husband pointed out a box of blooming pansies!

I've dreamt of growing my own grains for flour, but that'll be for another time—for now, flowers it is!

I'm crossing my fingers that my flowers will grow strong and propagate more. Here's to getting to know food better!

I have a tip for those who are growing their own food, save your eggshells! Eggshells are rich in calcium and increase the strength of your plants. Lay out your eggshells to dry out in the sun. Once they are completely dry, you can crush them and sprinkle them onto your plants. It's like a vitamin supplement for your plants! They will receive a boost of calcium and grow stronger.

Happy spring!


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