Kitchen Notes: About Self-love

I made these financiers a week ago and they had me a little emotional. Let me take you through my kitchen experience.

Temptation rose to stick frozen raspberries into the center of these financiers before baking, but I felt this tug to keep the seasons in mind. 

They went into the oven bare—patiently, I watched them bake. The smell of brown butter and almonds permeated my entire home. I took that whole moment in as much as I could. As they sat pretty on a cooling rack, I started planning how I'd decorate them.

Thinking as I moved through my kitchen, my fingers clasped onto a bottle of dried rosebuds and a bag of powdered sugar. 

As I decorated my financiers I saw how well they represented the latter half of winter. A dusting of sugar to appear like snow, and a once fragrant flower to adorn a fragrant cake. Through sticking with the seasons in this baking project, I felt that I had achieved a realistic snapshot of my life at that moment.

 I saw my own heart expressed on the surface of these cakes.

They represented what I've felt and where I'm heading.

At last, I have begun my journey to radical self-love, like spring beginning its take over of winter. A flower peeking out from the snow, unbothered by the cold. A flower in tune with the seasons, but never waiting for the perfect conditions to start growing.



My alone time in the kitchen has encouraged my self-growth and has become a place where I love myself.

Some ways I like to love myself include: making tea with good intentions, making breakfast that is wholesome to my body, baking a cake to celebrate accomplishments. 

There are so many ways to use the kitchen space as a center of love and nourishment.

At least once a week I bake without a set plan or goal. As a baking blogger, there's a lot of planning to create an organized flow of content. A size-able act of self-love is to give yourself a pause from work, and for me, that means baking just for the sake of baking! 

Through this season of love and all other seasons, give yourself some much-needed treatment! Make your favorite recipe. Spend time creating something new that you've always wanted to. Be patient with yourself through kitchen messes and mistakes. Allow yourself to feel loved by yourself.


  1. This is so good Mely it’s like a yoga class so detailed and relaxing love everything about it 💕


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